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Production and Manufacturing

Subcontracting Opportunities

Highline Corporation focuses on procuring work opportunities that provide our client workers the ability to perform real-world job skills which, in turn, allow them to increase their independence. We provide a variety of subcontracting services and our job performance will meet or exceed your company’s expectations.
Production/Manufacturing Services Offered: Assembly, Labeling, Visual Sorting, Packaging, Shrink Wrap Processes, Part Inspection, Sewing (Industrial), Drilling, Bulk Mailings/Collating Services, Woodworking, Order Fulfillment, Rework, Janitorial Services, Document Shredding, Grounds Maintenance.

Mobile Work Crews

Highline provides janitorial services and landscaping/ground maintenance services for several state agencies, commercial and industrial customers, as well as private businesses. Our customers appreciate the comprehensive and efficient performance of our staff. Whether you have routine or intermittent maintenance tasks, we are competitively priced and committed to providing exceptional, quality work.
Spring, summer, and fall our landscaping maintenance services include lawn moving, shrub trimming, and entrance maintenance. In the winter, our crews perform snow removal of walkways, sidewalks, and entrances for your office or business. Year round services include janitorial, general building maintenance, pressure washing services and anything in between.

Product Development

Highline provides the most flexible and customizable project development team available. From inception to completion, Highline will work with your company or organization. We provide quality workmanship and make sure jobs are done right. We offer flexible scheduling and efficient job completion. One the greatest benefits of using Highline as a subcontractor is the elimination of staff overhead.
There are no H.R. hassles or responsibilities. Paperwork, training, insurances, etc. are all taken care of by Highline. Think of us as an “on-demand” workforce ready anytime you need us. These jobs create an environment where we can provide training and income opportunities for our client workers while allowing Highline to become a stronger, more effective business partner.

CNC and Laser Services

CNC and Laser services are the latest addition to our production and manufacturing services. These services include both cutting and engraving on the CNC machine and both of our Laser engravers.
Our designers are no stranger to designing or engraving. If you have an idea for a project or would like to start one but unsure how, contact us today to see if we can help!

Q-Rax Manufacturing

Q-Rax Manufacturing was founded in 1977 in Minnesota as a high-quality Billiard and accessory manufacturer. Purchased by Highline Corporation in 1985*, the tradition of quality, made in the U.S.A. Billiards accessories continues.
In addition to some of the old classics, Q-rax has redesigned and reimagined it's lineup and is introducing new look Billiard accessories such as the "Old World", and "Industrial" lineups. We can also do personal engravings by request.


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