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VOCATIONAL REHAB & EMPLOYMENT - Some individuals with disabilities need additional assistance in obtaining and retaining a job. Supported employment involves the addition of a short-term or long-term job coach to the employment process. The job coach provides intensive role modeling, counseling, and job shadowing with the employee.
Participants in the Vocational Rehab Program receive training in all aspects of employment, including:
- Skills to obtain a job
- Getting along with co-workers
- Improving attendance and punctuality
- Workplace behavior

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller
DAY SERVICES - The Day Service program provides opportunities for individuals with developmental or physical disabilities to explore and achieve training and experiences that allow them to achieve their maximum level of independence in life. Some examples of these activities include:
- cooking, baking, and shopping
- sewing, ironing, and laundering clothing
- health awareness
- reading/writing skills
RECREATIONAL SERVICES - Our Recreational Services Program provides assistance with getting out into the community for both individual and group activities. These activities can include:
- Bowling
- Swimming
- Watching local sporting events
- Dining
- Going to the movies

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RESIDENTIAL SERVICES - Some people with disabilities find living without support impractical or impossible. For people needing support to live in the community, Highline provides a continuum of opportunities for living. One such place, the Maple Leaf is an 5 bed CBRF group home for ambulatory adults with disabilities. Residents of the Maple Leaf frequently achieve a level of independence allowing them to move on to more independent living situations.
COMMUNITY SUPPORTED LIVING - Our Community supported living program is designed to help individuals live in their own home with support. This support can include:
- Household management
- Transportation
- Medication/symptom management
- Community integration

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone.

Martina Navratilova
SCHOOL TO WORK TRANSITION PROGRAM - Highline provides a school to work program to help transition area high school students from the school setting to the world of work. Highline maintains cooperative agreements with Wisconsin and Michigan school districts to provide youth with realistic and varied work experiences, skill training, and vocational counseling while receiving academic credit from their respective schools. Students are trained to develop work habits, behaviors, attitudes, and social competencies that will help them find and maintain work after graduation.
If you are a high school student, Highline can help you explore the world of work and identify your career interests. Skill and educational requirements can be assessed and future job availability explored. Activities such as visiting employers where someone does the job that interests you, working side-by-side with someone in this career, or doing volunteer work are options that may be available to you.

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Charles Dickens
COMMUNITY SUPPORT PROGRAMS - Highline Corporation, in partnership with Iron County Human Services, provides a Community Support Program. Community Support offers supportive, rehabilitative services to individuals with severe & persistant mental health conditions. The community support program operates with the belief that people with mental illness can get better---that individual needs, preferences, and choice are paramount in the treatment process.
Highline and Iron County Human Services use a team approach to provide services. Members of this team consist of a psychiatrist, a clinical coordinator, community support specialists, and a nurse. Some items this team provides:
- Assessment and treatment planning
- Education about symptom management, medications, and mental illness
- Employment assistance
- Assistance with daily living skills
- Social and recreational activities
- Crisis intervention


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